Danie May is a Visionary Artist, Healer and Passionate Intuitive Mentor who loves guiding others particularly women back to their heartspace, and to connect with their own innate wisdom and creativity.

Blue Lotus Heartspace is the name fondly given to Danie's creative workspace from where she combines her skills in various ways to offer Intentional Creativity™ Workshops, Nurturing Retreats, Energy Healing Sessions, Guidance and Wisdom that will empower you to recognize your unlimited potential, and to move forward in life with passion, purpose and greater well-being.

Danie also sells crystals, sage and some of her own hand made nurturing products here online as well as in person at various markets and events..

Regular Places and Spaces you can Connect with Me!

Full Moon Drumming Circle

Casino Golf Club Markets

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Crystal Wand Making

Acrylic Paint Pouring


What others had to say!!

"Danie’s sessions led the group on a journey of self-discovery with such empathy and support that we felt safe to voice some incredibly personal stories. We felt very connected to each other and the symbol of the red thread reminded us of that connection and the support we were providing each other. I, personally, am indebted to her and thank her for a very valuable experience."

| Chris Sexton (Exploring the Secrets of the Deep Retreat 2017 - Attendee) |

"I received a unique reading from Danie that was so accurate and enlightening it opened my eyes to things I hadn't seen and really needed to be aware of. 

Thank you Danie you have a true gift."

| Louise Kirby (Personal Guidance Reading Recipient 2018) |

"I recently had the pleasure of participating in a event called 'Meet the Muse' hosted by Danie.  I went into this with mixed emotions, all I kept hearing in my head is you are not an artist you can’t draw, I was full of self-doubt and fear, Danie put me at ease as soon as I arrived, we started the process and by the time I had met my Muse I was so excited, I really didn’t care how she turned out, the process is amazing and with each step my muse emerged, It is an a amazing experience to do this and I seriously cannot wait to do it again"

| Samantha Collins (The Muse of Fearless Movement Workshop 2018- Attendee) | 

"I have had the great honour of having the most insightful reading with Danie and Rod May today. I can't recommend their services highly enough. The gentle and very accurate guidance, suggestions, wisdom and direction they imparted was truly AMAZING!!!!! "

| Tania Michelle Magennis |