About Danie

"The human heart has hidden treasures, in secret kept and silence sealed"

- Charlotte Bronte

"Our Heartspace is the place love lives. 


It is the space that our Intuition, Inspiration and Intentions meet and all of life's Magic begins.

By strengthening our connection to our heart and it's secrets and wisdom, we discover a deeper understanding of our multi-dimensional self and our connection to all things.

It is only when we allow ourselves to fully return, live and make choices from this space we discover our authentic self and find the peace and happiness that being authentic and living our truth brings."

Danie May 2018

Danie is a lover of Crystals, Color, Creativity and Connection and is a is a huge advocate for Self Love and Creativity as methods of healing and sees both of these things as critical parts of any journey back to ones own heart.    Having explored and studied various healing modalities which assisted her own healing and transformation Danie now gets great joy from sharing these skills and teachings to assist and inspire others on their own healing journeys.

Danie lives with with her husband two cats and recently adopted dog  in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia where they share a common love for crystals and helping others.  Together they source, sell and teach about Crystals, Intuition and Energy Healing.