These beautiful gifts from the Earth are a wonderful tool that bring energies of universal love and healing to you.  Crystals can assist you to protect your energy and your home, connect to your intuition, overcome stress and anxiety and be more nurturing towards yourself just to name a few things they can be used for.  They interact with our physical body and our energetic fields and have healing benefits for our emotions,, mind, physical bodies and spiritual self.  

With an understanding that everything is energy - all living or organic substances as well as inorganic things, we recognize that crystals carry a energy/vibration which activates, aligns and amplifies specific healing energies that you carry within you.  When first starting to work with crystals it is often the color and how it looks that we are often drawn to.  We choose a crystal based on aesthetics or what is pleasing to our senses.  We are subconsciously being attracted to the color energy, often because that particular color can assist us in some way.  Then as you become more attuned and accustomed to working with this energy and your knowledge of crystals deepens you will find you will start to choose crystals based more on your intentions or intuitively connecting not only to the color energy of the crystal but also the mineral composition and shape of the crystal.  Each of these aspects have benefits and vibrations that can assist us with our overall well-being..

Here at Blue Lotus Heartspace we offer Crystal Healing Sessions, Sell Crystals and also hold Workshops so you can learn more about how to use and work with these beautiful healing treasures from Mother Earth.