• Danie May

The Muse of Transformation and New Beginnings

My latest painting now completed first made herself known as I was working on a run through example for an upcoming collaborative retreat early next year. She made it very clear early on that she was going to be acknowledged and brought to life and my other painting would have to be done another time. Funnily enough her arrival was during the time on the Mayan/Tzolkin Calendar known as the Blue Castle of Transformation which contains a number of what are known as Galactic Activation Portal Days. Perhaps she came through a portal to high jack my painting process. She appears to encapsulate a lot of what I have come to recognize about myself, have been experiencing and I also sense she is acknowledging the fact that I have slowly been learning to embrace change which is a constant in our lives.

She is one of only a few paintings I have ever done that I feel really - like really happy with, there is something about her that I love, perhaps it is what she encapsulates about me or perhaps it is me being more relaxed and letting go of my perfectionist tendencies and concerns of what others may think.

There has been much change in my life this year, subtle shifts in how I feel about myself, in my actions and in the way I see the world and those around me. The biggest one to date is feeling truly comfortable and ready to put myself out to the world as an artist (ready to promote/sell my work) starting with this painting. So much so that my muse and I went to the beach and did a photo shoot.

This shoot was all part of this week as we approached the Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse - part of a Trinity of Eclipses and other major astrological occurrences leading up to the Lion's Gate in August. The energies that I have experienced have been intense, comforting and supportive, illuminating and life changing. Body aches and the need to Sleep have been a few of the symptoms I have been experiencing this week.

This shift which is assisting us to move from 3D to 5D is like a cosmic reset and it will be a huge time of awakening for so many on this planet who are yet to be fully awake. The Earth Star and Soul Star Energy Centres (the bridge between Heaven and Earth) 4D are being upgraded and activated now for so many of us, clearing away blocks to abundance and personal power, allowing more of us to remember our past life gifts and truly step onto our soul paths and shine our light brighter than ever before. This stronger connection with the Earth will see a future of much needed change to the way we treat the planet and each other. We can expect some truly cosmic realizations about ourselves and those we share this world with too, as more of the higher energy centers and chakras open for the collective. They will allow us to have a greater understanding that we are not alone and where we may have come from. It truly is a time of Transformation and New Beginnings for us all.

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