• Danie May

What are you Choosing? What are you Reclaiming?

Art is my meditation and it is also a method of grounding, allowing me to align with and shift energy. With the intensity of the past fortnights energies I found myself painting and tuning in to the message they bring for us.

These strong energies which I have been speaking of include the trinity of eclipses and the Lion's Gate Portal.

It is a pivotal time of change on our planet and these particular energies are all about encouraging us to make life changing choices and reclaim love and move more into our heart space. It is important to remember that everything occurring is being divinely supported and orchestrated. .

The colors of Red and Blue have been coming through quite strong getting us to acknowledge and be really present with our physicality and reevaluate what is true for us.

I sense the color green which has been coming through will be coming in even more so throughout August - Green will have us connecting to our heart and cosmic heart more with self love and compassion being key aspects while other various shades of green will be encouraging us to connect with nature, and can symbolize new growth and the flow of abundance.

For many of us who are already on our awakened path our Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras are being upgraded and activated, which sees us gaining a strengthened connection to Mother Earth and our spiritual guides, and the karma and blocks from many timelines of the past being released, allowing us to connect further to our past life gifts and talents. Think of these two energy centers like the support pillars holding the rainbow bridge of light (our Chakras within our physical body) linking Heaven to Earth or the Physical with the Spiritual.

Speaking of Rainbows there have been strong rainbow light frequencies coming through also which are a very powerful healing frequency. This healing energy is supporting us to release our core wounding and empowering us to have the confidence to shine our light more brightly out into the world.

The Rainbow is also often associated with Chiron the Wounded Healer. This year Chiron is moving from Pisces into Aries and the Aries Wounding are those all around the I am Presence and what we believe about ourselves.

Rainbows are looked upon by the Native Americans as the spirit of all things, and are a symbol of hope for the unity of humanity. Their Legends speak of the coming of the Rainbow Warriors who bring balance, peace, love and unity to not only humanity but to our planet as a whole. The time of their coming is now and you will see this as more and more people start to awaken, and begin to speak out in peaceful protest against the many atrocities occurring around the world. Much needed change in our behaviors and our interactions on so many levels will follow on from this. It is already happening!

The intense energies of this period will be presenting you with numerous opportunities for change and to embrace more fully both your light and your shadow. It is a time for you to reclaim those aspects of your self that have been lost, silenced or hidden because of your wounding from this life and your past lives. Think of this as a uniting of all the many aspects within yourself, and you can expect particularly if you are sensitive to energy it to feel a bit like you would after a hard workout at the gym, as your whole body and energy gets a work over and tweaked.

"What are you choosing or reclaiming for yourself at this time"?.

Luminous Light and Blessings

Danie xx

Artwork: Muse of Reclamation & Rainbow Warrior of the Light By Danie May 2018.

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