• Danie May

Queen of her Own Heart!

For the past few years as I approach 50 I have been taking steps to claim my sovereignty. This has meant I have chosen to stop contact with some members of my family, lost some friends and set healthy boundaries to protect my energy and to maintain more peace in my life. I have chosen to surrender and let go of control. I have moved more into the acceptance of my gifts, authenticity (whole-self) and I no longer allow the opinion of others to control my thoughts or choices. It's a process I work to be mindful of each and every day.

We all eventually find ourselves returning back to our true selves, some more than others. Some may refer to it as a mid life crisis but I don't see it like that. It is more that we reach a point in our lives where we don't want to be or live like we are anymore, yet we are not sure where to begin to change things or what to do to change. It's a process, it's a journey and once you step onto the path there is no going back. Around the age of 50 we all experience what is known as the Solar Return - when the planetary alignments and frequency of light coming to our planet are exactly the same as our day of birth and we get a chance for a do over. It's also the time our greatest wounding (gifted by Chiron) resurfaces enabling us a chance to heal and transform our lives.

In a woman's life around this time or stage in her life her focus turns away from her family (children have left the nest) and back to herself and her community, to her passions and to her soul (the spiritual essence of who she is). She starts to embrace her gifts and wishes to be of service, by sharing what she knows through her experiences and lessons in life and her passions. This is known as the time of the Maga. For many this is a stage in life not recognized or celebrated but I was lucky enough to be accompanied by one of my beautiful art sisters recently and we celebrated this milestone and rite of passage together.

We spent a few days at the beach (Coffs Coast) exploring, being creative and in connection with each other, with nature and with spirit. We did a ritual honoring this time of the Maga and all that it means to be in the Autumn of our lives.

This was a powerful time for us both, the week brought us many lessons, many insights, many messages and we came home with more clarity of our path and direction, feeling empowered.

Since this time, everything seems to have amplified and is moving full steam ahead for us both. I have also in recent weeks had many confirmations.

So a painting was definitely in order to not only express my feelings and thoughts but to bring further messages through from the Queen of My Own Heart. And no surprise my latest animal guide made an appearance. The pheasant. .

Danie xx

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