• Danie May

The stone of Atlantis - the start of my healing journey

Back in 2008 my husband Rod and I were lucky enough to travel with friends to Tasmania for a week's holiday during which time we explored part of the South and East Coast of the Island. We always buy a souvenir or two on holidays that are most times connected to nature in some way. On this trip I fell in love the with beautiful timbers of the Sassafras Tree and was drawn to a mineral specimen because of its colors being two of my favorites. Little did I know that once I got home that this crystal would spark something inside me and lead me onto my spiritual path and to later study Crystal Healing. The mineral was a combination of Stitchtite (purple) and Serpentine (green) which is known as Atlantisite.

The above photo shows my raw mineral specimen and the tumblestones we sell here at Blue Lotus Heartspace.

The first few times I sat with this stone it immediately gave me a splitting headache but over time the headaches stopped and I just loved the energy I felt each time I sat with this stone.

At the time of purchase I was told it was only found here in Tasmania but since then I understand that it is also found in Canada and Africa.

This stone is believed to connect one to their past lives in Atlantis and their ancient wisdom from this time. It can assist to lower stress levels and is said to aid thinking before speaking. It is also a great physical healing stone for the blood, heart, lungs and kidneys. Atlantisite clears and aligns all chakras and is a wonderful stone to meditate with and awaken the kundalini energy.

It encourages Peace, and Healthy Boundaries, is a great mood Stabiliser and Earth Healer.

A beautiful stone for awakening the consciousness.

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