• Danie May

Supportive Tools for the New Year!

Working with Vibrational Tools such as Color and Crystals is a great way to align with a particular intention or energy and these suggestions are a great way for you to start aligning with the New Beginnings and associated Energies of the New Year.

The Color Green:

Green the color of the Heart Chakra and Nature, is symbolic of New Beginnings, Fertility, Growth and Healing and is the perfect color to wear, surround yourself with or meditate with as we kickstart 2019. Getting into Nature will be a great way for you maintain balance and recharge throughout the year whether it be the forest, countryside or the beach. Green Aventurine: This one is my first crystal choice for 2019 because of its overall supportive energies that will help you to keep life on track, stay optimistic and embrace change. But lets take a closer look! Green Aventurine is often referred to as the stone of prosperity or opportunity so is a great choice to be attracting the abundance of 2019 to you.

You may like to keep a piece in your wallet or better yet wear this stone as a necklace or bracelet or down your bra (if you are a woman). It's a heart stone and a protection stone so it opens and balances the heart chakra and protects you from things like negativity from yourself and others. If you are setting intentions around making healthier choices in regards to your habits such as exercise and eating this is also a great choice to work with. And with this in mind I will also mention it is a good support stone for any one wishing to loose weight as it aids ones metabolic rate.

Green Aventurine improves and increases one's vitality and brings balance, particularly to the emotional body. It is also a great choice for the New Year as it increases our sense of value and self worth. which allows us to set healthier boundaries and aids us to release old patterns of behavior and habits that no longer serve us.

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