• Danie May

Celebrating Art!

Happy New Year Everyone! Yes I know I am a bit late in saying it! The year is flying and we are almost at the end of January already! I am just quickly popping in to say Hi. This month has seen us busy looking ahead and planning! And I want to let you know about a special day that I love to celebrate with many others around the globe. It is called 'Inspire Your Heart with Art Day'. If you have been following my creative pursuits over the past 5 years or so you may have seen me post about this before. It is celebrated each year on January 31st.

The day is all about encouraging people to look at how art shows up in your life and how it impacts your heart. It is a day that you are also encouraged to get out and about in your local community and look at art or participate in a creative process. Art includes, literature, dance, theater performance, painting, sculpture and so on.

This year I am celebrating this day in a number of ways.

Here at home I am hosting a Blue Lotus Heartspace Creative Play Day and have at this stage about 7 people who have indicated they will be joining me for a few hours of messy fun and creative conversations about the importance of play.

The second event is part of my Shimmer Sistars Collaboration with my wonderful art sistar Tania, and we will be hosting an online Art Trail so people can peruse at their leisure from the comfort of their own homes some of the wonderful art being created in the world by our Red Thread and Intentional Creativity Art Sistars here in Australia. The trail starts over on our website www.shimmersistars.com and it is here you will find a full list of the stops along the trail. Each link will take you to one of the participating artists websites/blogs/facebook page and you will find a variety of things being shared from articles and posts about recent creations to videos sharing workshops and creative exercises that you can follow along with and create your own masterpiece from. You are then invited to share your experience on the trail and photos of your art over on our Shimmer Sistars Facebook Page. We'd love to also hear how art inspires your heart too!

So as you can see there is lots happening, and I am sure if you googled the day you would find even more events taking place. I do hope you will join me in celebrating the day and take a look at how art speaks to your heart.

Luminous Blessings

Danie xx

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