What is Intentional Creativity?

As an artist one oftens finds themselves asking 'What If' and experimenting and exploring with new methods or mediums and for myself it is simply a love for playing with color that brings me the greatest joy.  The art process (the doing of art) is my preferred way to meditate.

When I discovered Intentional Creativity in so many ways it took my art to the next level and provided me with a container where I could explore and express myself on a much deeper level.  I like to think of it as a form of Conscious Play,

Conscious play is when we are choosing to do something we enjoy that assists to raise or increase our energy on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.  It is an activity we undertake to help us to maintain balance all while being present in the moment.  It is something that replenishes our cup,

Conscious Play holds Self Love as one of its main intentions as it encompasses the taking of an action that is nurturing to us and not only does it provide us an opportunity to recharge and revitalize our energy, but it also aids us to be more productive when we return to our work tasks. It helps us to focus better and be more disciplined in our endeavors.

Intentional Creativity is an opportunity for you to be creative, playful and conscious at the same time. 


Such art processes also provide the participant a method for self-expression and release that sees us using our brain in a constructive way moving between the left and right hemispheres, the logical and intuitive aspects of our minds and our conscious and subconscious thoughts.


By doing so we are more readily able to connect with our guidance/intuition and to see the bigger picture or a different perspective on our lives, and often through this connection it allows us a chance to transform and integrate our personal stories.   It provides us with the opportunity to connect not only with ourselves but also with others on a more intimate level.

It is a Powerful Process one that has been a big part of my own healing journey and why I became a facilitator and Intentional Creativity Teacher. Intentional Creativity combines Art Practices with Mindfulness and the power of our Intentions and can assist you to overcome negativity, change your mindset and ultimately heal yourself.

Scientific Studies back up the fact that Art Heals and that our Intentions Create our Reality, but the best way I suggest you acquaint yourself with Intentional Creativity is to try it for yourself, and keep an eye out for the assortment of IC Workshops I will be offering over the coming months or those being offered by others who are part of the Intentional Creativity Movement.